Hand Holding Color Swatches


Interview With The Owner

What is the significance of your company name, Symphony Painting?

In all my years in painting, I’ve come to realize that the proper way to complete someone’s painting project, whether it be Interior or Exterior, is multi-faceted. You have the initial contact, setup of an estimate, consultative walk-thru and advisement, delivery of project specific estimate, scheduling of project, arrival and kickoff of painting project, execution of painting project, and final walk thru, then finally you have completed project with a satisfied client. We aspire to create a process and an experience that is complete, not overly complex, rather detail-oriented and customer focused. All of these items coming together in perfect harmony explains the name. Lots of parts and pieces coming together in a beautiful way.

Why did you start your own business?

I worked for several painting companies that helped me understand the business. Over time I began to question some of the methods of operation and lack of integrity. It became apparent to me that I couldn’t find a company that worked and treated people the way I wanted, thus the impetus to start Symphony Painting.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We really do care. We want the experience to be pleasant and the outcome to be delightful. I would say most of my competition wants a good outcome but many times they will put you in the hands of inexperienced painters hoping for a good outcome with no process before or after the project itself to ensure a quality end result. Our Focus from start to finish is to provide industry leading quality and a top-notch customer experience.

What makes Symphony Painting unique?

Commitment to Excellence in all that we do: We love to see happy customers. We believe that everything about your project matters from the initial booking of your estimate down to the final brush stroke to complete your project.

Attention to detail: our estimates are designed to be all-encompassing in the detail they provide. We believe our quality workmanship is important and that process begins with a detailed scope of work. Our prep and performance is focused on the small details to give a stunning end product.

Painter Tenure: Our painters are very experienced. Many of our painters have been painting and protecting homes for 15+ years!

Our Products: We believe the life of your project depends on both the workmanship and the product used. We only use high quality products from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr.

Color/Design Consultation: Consultation for colors or design is available for you at no additional charge. A wonderful service we provide for our valued customers.

Checklists and Project oversight: Many companies instruct their crews to go paint your home. At Symphony painting we work together with our crew leads to complete detailed checklists and performance checks throughout your entire project leading to stunning results!

Warranty: We back up our work with clearly understood and complete Exterior Warranty packages from 5-10 years.

All aspect service options: We perform a complete list of services to improve and protect your home including Interior/Exterior painting, General carpentry services, Popcorn ceiling removal, Drywall and Texture repair, Wallpaper removal, Stucco coating systems, Cabinet painting, and Gutters.